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Downtown Charleston, SC

Welcome to Seaside Building & Renovation: Preserving the Charm of Downtown Charleston

Experience the Historic Elegance of Charleston-Style Homes

Charleston, SC, a city steeped in Southern history and architectural grandeur, is renowned for its diverse and historically significant buildings. From Colonial to Art Deco, the architecture of Downtown Charleston tells the vibrant stories of the Holy City through its unique Charleston-style homes.

Charleston’s Architectural Heritage

Downtown Charleston is home to over 2,500 historic buildings, featuring a rich array of architectural styles:

  • Iconic Charleston Single House: Known for its narrow, long shape and distinctive side porches (piazzas), these homes are a staple within the Historic District, reflecting adaptations from English row houses.
  • Elegant Charleston Double House: Less common but equally prominent, featuring a full street-facing orientation and a central entrance hall that divides the interior symmetrically.

A Symphony of Colors

Charleston’s homes dazzle with vibrant colors—from the pastel hues of Rainbow Row to the vivid shades along Broad Street. This tradition, sparked in 1931 to rejuvenate the city’s aesthetics post-Civil War, continues to define the visual appeal of Charleston’s residential areas.

Seaside Building & Renovation: Your Historic Home Experts

At Seaside Building & Renovation, we specialize in the meticulous renovation of these historic residences. Our deep understanding of Charleston’s architectural legacy, combined with years of experience in the Downtown area, makes us your trusted partner in home renovation. We are committed to preserving the original beauty of these structures while ensuring they meet modern living standards.

Your Dream Charleston Home, Thoughtfully Restored

Whether you’re looking to refresh the timeless charm of a Charleston single house or modernize a Charleston double house without losing its historic character, Seaside Building & Renovation is here to help. Our expert team handles every detail with care, ensuring your home retains its historical integrity while incorporating contemporary comforts.

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