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Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

Welcome to Seaside Building & Renovation: Preserving the Legacy of Sullivan’s Island

Explore Sullivan’s Island: A Historical Coastal Haven

Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, is a serene barrier island northeast of Charleston Harbor, known for its historical significance and distinctive architectural styles. Once a prestigious health retreat for Charleston’s elite, it has transformed into a cherished full-time residential community. The island’s homes, primarily simple one to two-story wooden structures, are celebrated for their substantial and unique porches that echo a rich historical past.

Architectural Heritage of Sullivan’s Island

The architectural landscape of Sullivan’s Island tells a story of elegance and historical significance. Many of the island’s residences, which originally burgeoned in the 1800s, display varied architectural typologies that have been meticulously recorded through historical surveys and studies:

  • Preserving History: With a notable percentage of historic homes modified over time, our projects focus on retaining the architectural integrity of these structures.
  • Documentary and Conservation Efforts: Engagements like detailed drawings of quintessential Sullivan’s Island beach cottages help preserve this heritage, with some submitted to the Historic American Building Survey for public access and scholarly research.

Seaside Building & Renovation: Your Expert in Historic Renovations

At Seaside Building & Renovation, we are deeply committed to preserving and revitalizing the historic homes of Sullivan’s Island. Our understanding of the island’s architectural history, combined with our expertise in modern construction and renovation practices, makes us the ideal partner for your home project.

  • Expert Restoration: We specialize in restoring and updating historic homes while maintaining their unique character and historical value.
  • Custom Building: For those looking to build anew, we ensure that every new home reflects the traditional Sullivan’s Island style, complementing the existing historical landscape.

Your Dream Home on Sullivan’s Island

Whether you are restoring a historic gem or constructing a new home that pays homage to traditional designs, Seaside Building & Renovation ensures that every project is handled with respect to both heritage and contemporary lifestyle needs. Our approach is a blend of meticulous attention to historical detail and the integration of modern comforts.

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